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  • BG East Video Montage – Headed to LLWS!

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  • Warren Central Dragons Football Team to the Rescue

    Over the past 11 years covering sports, I have seen some great acts of sportsmanship and kindness between high school student athletes. The Warren Central Football players prior to the start of their game did something that brought fans from both schools to their feet. Just minutes before kickoff against their cross town rival, the Dragon team gathered in the end zone preparing to run onto the field after the National Anthem was finished. A young lady began to sing the Anthem and mid way through stumbled on finding some of the words. She tried to compose herself, but just couldn't get on track. As an awkward pause filled the stadium, the Warren Central Football players began to sing the National Anthem loudly an in unison to help the young lady finish the Anthem. It was completely unscripted and impromptu act of CLASS by the team as the crowd joined in. It was simply an awesome moment. I was standing directly behind the team to video them running onto the field. I was able to catch a few seconds of these young men stepping up in time of need. A Top 10 play for sure. Way to go Dragons!

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  • Greenwood Senior Linebacker Stewart Windham

    Greenwood Senior Linebacker Stewart Windham after the Greenwood Gold vs Green Scrimmage.

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  • Greenwood Senior Hunter Mills

    Greenwood Senior Hunter Mills following the Gold vs Green Scrimmage

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